Citizens in Estill County, Kentucky, are still deeply concerned about the state’s plan to leave in place nearly 2,000 tons of radioactive fracking waste in the county’s Blue Ridge Landfill. They voiced those concerns at a public forum on January 29 in Irvine, Kentucky — a forum that state representatives and regulators declined to attend.

As reports:

Some citizens at the meeting felt that they were being overlooked due to the fact that Estill County is a smaller community in the Commonwealth. Others expressed that even though the waste has been deemed safe for the next 30 years, it might begin to leak after the fact into the community’s water supply.


Another problem presented was that radiation could possibly leak through the methane wells located around the landfill. According to officials, if that would occur the wells would be closed and relocated. However, those in attendance then expressed concern about methane build up in the dump.

Citizens of Estill County and other concerned citizens around the state — especially communities downstream from the Blue Ridge Landfill — are invited to comment on the state’s plan. The comment period deadline is February 12. Comments can be sent in writing to Jeff Cummins, director of the Division of Enforcement, 300 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort Ky. 40601 or by email to

If you need help with understanding the contents of the state’s proposed plan, or with submitting your comment, please look through this powerpoint we prepared for the January 29 forum: