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The Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center is a nonprofit law firm that fights for justice in the coalfields by representing coal miners and their families on issues of black lung and mine safety and by working with grassroots groups and individuals to protect the land and people from misuse and degradation caused by extractive industries.

ACLC IN GERMANY: Supporting Entrepreneurs in a Transitioning Economy

Rebecca Shelton, our coordinator of policy and organizing, continued her trip today with a second stop in East Germany. --- Today we continued our stay in East Germany. We started the day by visiting with the manager of a multi-purpose, reinvented building space in...

ACLC IN GERMANY: Open Pit Mining Transition Efforts in East Germany

Today, we were in East Germany learning about the history and future of coal mining here. In East Germany, they use open pit mining to extract lignite coal (see below for photos and a quick explanation of open pit mining!). The lignite coal layer is about 42 feet...

ACLC IN GERMANY: Coal Transitions Abroad

This week our Coordinator of Policy and Organizing, Rebecca Shelton, is in Germany learning about the policies and programs that have been put in place by the government to support communities where the coal industry is phasing out. Rebecca describes her experience in...

The Weather Channel: “Fighting for Clean Drinking Water”

The Weather Channel released "Fighting for Clean Drinking Water" on February 3rd, as part of their 2020: Race to Save the Planet series on Environmental Justice. In the video, Nina McCoy of the Martin County Concerned Citizens and ACLC's Deputy Director Mary Cromer...

CDC Releases “Faces of Black Lung II”

The CDC just released Faces of Black Lung II, an informative video about the increase in complicated black lung disease in Central Appalachia. radiologist Dr. Brandon Crum and epidemiologist Dr. Cara Halldin are featured in this video along with miners and families...


Since our founding, ACLC has served the needs of hundreds of coal miners, their families, and residents of the coalfields. We have addressed the legacy issues of coal mining through litigation, policy advocacy, and direct outreach work with impacted coal miners and community members.
We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else that would further our work in this region and beyond.

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