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The Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center is a nonprofit law firm that fights for justice in the coalfields by representing coal miners and their families on issues of black lung and mine safety and by working with grassroots groups and individuals to protect the land and people from misuse and degradation caused by extractive industries.

Deadline for Commenting on Estill County Fracking Waste Plan is Feb 12

Citizens in Estill County, Kentucky, are still deeply concerned about the state's plan to leave in place nearly 2,000 tons of radioactive fracking waste in the county's Blue Ridge Landfill. They voiced those concerns at a public forum on January 29 in Irvine, Kentucky...

Media Roundup: Martin County Water

Many of the residents in Martin County, Kentucky, have a story about their water. Sometimes it has a weird color, sometimes it smells bad, and sometimes the water isn't there at all: during a cold snap earlier this month, the county shut off water to most of its...

MSHA Should Not Reduce Protection from Black Lung

This post originally appeared at our blog dedicated to covering black lung issues, Devil in the Dust. By Steve Sanders In December, the Trump Administration announced it is considering rolling back MSHA regulations that protect coal miners from “black lung” disease,...


Since our founding, ACLC has served the needs of hundreds of coal miners, their families, and residents of the coalfields. We have addressed the legacy issues of coal mining through litigation, policy advocacy, and direct outreach work with impacted coal miners and community members.
We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else that would further our work in this region and beyond.

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