Fighting for Justice in the Coalfields

ACLC represents Sierra Club and KFTC in a challenge to a MTR permit

Last week, Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center filed a challenge to a new surface mining permit near Elkhorn City, in Pike County, KY.

The proposed 792-acre mountaintop operation would create 9 valley fills, 7 of which would discharge their pollutants into Elkhorn Creek.  Elkhorn Creek and Russell Fork, into which it flows, are a river running, kayaking and rafting destination for many in our area, as well as serving as the drinking water source for Elkhorn City and the surrounding area.  Recent studies have shown that Elkhorn Creek is already polluted from runoff from mines in the area.

Here is a copy of the petition which was filed: 898-0806 Petition for Review

For more information, visit the Easy Being Green blog.

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